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Hapsburgh Philosophy

Hapsburgh exists with the philosophy of progressing human performance. We provide writing and research to support and encourage the development and progression of mankind. Many issues are pertinent to our continued development towards advancement. We support the utilization of ethical technology, advancing leadership practices, and motivating performance for the progression of humanity.

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Using Power Ethically

Dianne Irene

The use of power in a leadership role is a multi-faceted process. Understanding the types of power available and the tactics that support them can create a more efficient leadership role. Ethical leadership can be reflected in the use of power and the motivations that are utilized by that power. Locus of control, Machiavellian Personality, and Narcissism assists in defining leadership performance. Myers-Briggs Type Leaders (MBTI) can reveal responses to leadership and predict certain outcomes and successes. Read More.

Heart Awareness

Roger Drummer

It’s appropriate to expand our awareness about what constitutes heart health. Medically you’re bombarded with information about statin drugs as if they hold the answer to all of your heart issues. Nutritionally, you can be confused about all the miracles being offered being offered by alternative sources, many of which are truly wonderful. But on a day like today it’s a good time to relax and see things in a slightly different focus. Read More...

Gravitational Propulsion in a Fluid Membrane-
A New Propulsion Methodology

Paul Richard Price

An alternative hypothesis is provided to redefine gravity as an interaction between plasma-like membranes that represent gravity. This membrane may be considered as ether or the space-time continuum. in this alternative theory, the membrane is not stationary but moving; gravity is the primary effect of the interaction. The spinning of the solid matter creates a disturbance in the membrane that acts as a pushing force that expands the universe that may create an anti-gravity effect. The physical effect generates a shock wave that produces a vibration in this membrane by a spinning magnetic field. in this scenario a craft with this effect it true may bypass faster than the speed of light. This effect might be engineered by using a torsion field system so that the wave effect bends the membrane during rotation. This also explains the effect of rotating magnetic systems that may produce an observable loss of weight shown in recent experiments. The higher rotation will compress the intensity of the magnetic field and dilates the membrane. This effect could allow for space travel to other solar systems. Gravity may be manipulated by electromechanical means allowing for counter gravitational effect to power a possible warp drive. Read More.


Dianne Irene

Discernment is a spiritual aspect of the human consciousness. It is often the difference between making wise decisions and making a miscalculated one. It is an understanding of many perspectives and understanding where components will enforce their influence. Then a choice for the sacredness of integrity and sovereignty must be expressed.  Leaders must pay very close attention to their discernment development. Wise leadership is the difference between empowering development or creating a devolutionary consequence. Using discernment will either create harmony or disharmony. Read More.

Letting Go of Darkness

Dianne Irene

There are those who thrive on darkness. They enjoy the excitement and the power. Chaos is their symphony and life is a game.  However, there is a growth shift in the human population at present. This shift is a realization that as a community, we can take personal responsibility and begin to embrace the positive aspects of life. Humanity is at an exciting time in history. Those who are focusing on the negative will be consumed by the negativity and those who are refocusing their efforts on possibilities will begin to understand more of whom they are and that we are all connected. Read More.

Humanities Addiction to Greed

Dianne Irene

Over many hundreds of thousands of years, humanity has repeated many behaviors.  Advancements are made only to have them regulated, controlled, and oftentimes only made available to a few.  If humanity was been given many hundreds of thousands of years to develop how can we still be in the place where cancer is not eradicated, poverty is rampant, people work their entire lives to pay off something called debt?  The answer boils down to a very simple human desire.  One would hope that after all these years; humanity would have gotten beyond greed. Read More.

Dying to Be Thin

Dianne Irene

Over many thousands of years humanity has participated in some strange and bizarre behaviors. In ancient Rome, it was common to eat an extravagant meal and then regurgitate that meal to return and eat again. In some cultures the foot is bound to keep it from growing, rings are worn around the neck to elongate it, some cultures mutilate genitals or other body parts as a justified practice. For some these practices seem cruel and are viewed as a misuse of the human body. Other feel that it is time for humanity to move beyond damaging the human body that houses our spirit. When we look at food, we should see resources to give our bodies nutrition so that we can function to the best of our ability in this vehicle that houses our spirit. The spirit is the most important aspect of caring for our bodies. Read More.

Transparency The Next Step in Human Spiritual Evolution

Dianne Irene

Secrecy has kept humanity from progressing in several ways. While we currently live in an environment where secrecy has been heralded as a way to protect and control information, people, and cultures, it has also kept humanity from progression. This concept is in fact so progressive that some are threatened by the very concept. It means that monetary wealth, technological advancements, and trade secrets would be threatened according to current standards.  Humanity must eventually realize that it is our environmental factors that are flawed and must someday change if we are ever to progress in our spiritual evolution. Read More.

Unconditional Love: One's Greatest Achievement

Dianne Irene

It all comes down to a foundation of one journey no matter the details. The greatest journey for every human spirit is the journey of love. Whether this love is between two people, for orphans, or to live a life of service to progress some aspect of human life, it still is about love. By Dianne Irene Read more.



Dianne Irene

It is essential for those who do not have an innate ability to feel empathy to learn this process even if they cannot truly feel what others feel. The acknowledgement of our actions as a direct reaction on others can still be a learned process that will enable an individual to progress to a more balanced state. Read more.


War and Human Desire

Dianne Irene

There is unrest in the world and people are dying and lives are being cut short for a desire. After thousands of years, we still war amongst each other to find a solution and to express that desire. When will humanity learn to be good to each other? What causes people to resort to violence? Read More.

Overpopulation Debate

Dianne Irene

Some groups feel that there are too many of us. Some feel that it is the incorrect use of resources that is the problem. Some feel that if it is an issue then why are we not addressing it openly? Some feel it is utter nonsense. No matter what your stance is on this issue, it is important to think about the consequences of all sides of thinking. Read More.


The Vision of One Voice

Dianne Irene

A new vision of one voice is moving beyond a matrix. It consists of a place of harmony and peace for humanity. It begins with thought and hope. Envision a place where energy does not harm the environment or its inhabitants. Wind, solar, and magnetic energy are readily available for everyone. Picture a place where our buildings live in conjunction with the landscape. Communities are not crowded and the clear sky is a backdrop behind the beautifully designed structures. Look closely and see a community where we care for each other and work towards a common good. Read More.


What Kind of Energy Sources Do We Want?

© Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.,

*It's a matter of debate. But at the very least they must be reliable, cheap, clean, safe, decentralized and publicly transparent. We must transform our institutions to facilitate the transition of energy technology into the 21st Century rather than back to the 19th and 20th Centuries. The old ways won't work anymore.*

I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that no existing energy technology held credible by the mainstream can offer a solution that is even close to satisfying the criteria we need to meet the global demand for energy that is compatible with our survival. Only innovation can provide the answer. Read More.


Alternatively Cured:The Doctors that are Leading the Way


Many years before the advent of pharmaceutical companies, independent researchers and practitioners partook in the use of herbs and medicine made from simple sources. While to some this may seem like a backwards way to pursue health, it was a very important foundation for humanity. Understanding the basic processes would allow these researchers to lay the ground work for modern medicine. The various schools of thought could be individually assessed and understood. When modern medicine narrowed the field of medicine to a purely allopathic focus, the field of vision and open exploration became narrow and rigid. While most pharmaceuticals are based on understanding chemical processes originally found in nature, the creation of synthetic chemicals that are patented have become the most accepted means of delivering tools for the human body to use. While the great strides in understanding the science of health cannot be discredited, the lack of bringing along the holistic perspective has been unfortunate.

Many doctors are embracing the holistic perspective and their numbers are growing. Their very important medical training has had little focus on nutrition and holistic treatments. The marriage of these two schools of thought has begun and must be embraced without the greed of commercialization. Doctors should not have to risk ridicule or loss of licensure for recommending or supporting patients that choose for themselves alternative treatments. Patients should not feel belittled or discriminated against for their personal choices to participate in alternatives or to abstain from conventional treatments. Read More.

Peace for Mankind

Dianne Irene

Mankind has experienced many things through out history.  Many of us have desired for humanity to evolve spiritually and to find that humans have become loyal to other humans. Some have been given great opportunity and many blessings, but as a race we have not yet learned to stand as one race. Some souls are young in experience and others are what many see as old souls. We should be giving our children greater knowledge and training than what we have in the current generation. This should follow each generation with greater and greater knowledge. Our current education system has not been able to fully develop into this because we have allowed politics to infiltrate the sanctity of education. Read More.


Standing Out From the Crowd

From Career on the Line by Education Career Services, Inc.

Education is important, but remember that there are other factors to consider when marketing yourself for a position to a company. Considerations include experience, soft skills, attitude, overall presence, and how well you are prepared. Let’s break down the elements forming your total package. Read More.


Vortex Gravity Control

Paul Richard Price

This concept has its origins in Einstein's Theory of relativity. This paper and presentation will show the relationship between gravity and mass. There are characteristics that show that sub atomic mass and electromagnetism work together to create the effect that we call gravity. I will show how there should be a mass function of gravity and how the mass can be perturbed creating the effects we know as inertia, centrifugal and centripetal force and how the control of gravity will nullify or maintain the effects. Read More.

Recognizing Progression

Hapsburgh also seeks to recognize the efforts of others working towards human progression. We believe that when we all work together then we all prosper.

Dr. Eugene Mallove who, until his murder in May 2004, was the leading proponent of new energy/new science. His advocacy for the new energy field was unrivaled. The Foundation continues after his death as a testament to his life’s work and his commitment to unearthing new sources of energy and new paradigms in science.Read More.
Dr. Simoncini - Author,Oncologist and medical doctor. He refused to think inside the box and has found a way to treat cancer that has a grater capacity for cure than aconventional medicne. He is causing patients to be cured with sodium bicarbonate injections and sodium bicarbonate solution IV. Read more about him here.
Dr. Vandana Shiva founded Navdanya as a program of the Research Foundation for science, Technology and Ecology (RFSTE), a participatory research initiative founded by world-renowned scientist and environmentalist Dr. Vandana Shiva, to provide direction and support to environmental activism. Read More
Dr. Patch Adams- Author, Medical Doctor and International Speaker. He was actively promoted a new dynamic to the medical field by incorporating a whole person philosophy. Read more about him here.
Solari is a private company founded by Catherine Austin Fitts. The mission is to help you build wealth in ways that decentralize power. They believe that personal and family wealth is a critical ingredient of both individual freedom and community wealth. Read More.
Dr. Leonard Coldwell is an advocate for curing cancer without harming the patient. He is the author of 19 bestselling books including his mega best sellers: The Only Answer to Cancer, and The Only Answer to Surviving Your Illness and Your Doctor. Over 57 million readers enjoy his teachings. Read More.
Brain O'Leary- Author, Scientist, Former Astronaut, and International Speaker. He was actively promoting zero-point (vacuum) energy, cold fusion and advanced hydrogen and water technologies. Read more about him here.
Roger Drummer - International herbalist and Diplomat of Chinese Herbology. Roger is recognized for his ability to formulate herbs and holds a patent on medicinal mushroom research findings. Read more here.
Paul Richard Price- Paul is recognized for breaking the gravity code. This scientific enthusiast is working to give mankind the knowledge of vortex gravity energy. Read more here.
Jim Humble may be a name you have not yet heard, but it is very possible that generations from now that his name will be very well known like Louis Pasteur or Linus Pauling. Read More.
Deepak Chopra, M.D is the author of more than 65 books, including numerous New York Times bestsellers.For more than a decade, the Chopra Center for Wellbeing has served as a beautiful, nurturing place where people can come to heal their physical pain, find emotional freedom, empower themselves, and connect to their inner spiritual life. Read More.
Dario Herrera is an Environmental Philanthropist and real estate developer who's vision is to see the world work in harmony with nature. Read more here.


Spiritual Intelligence: Human Consciousness Realized


Spiritual Intelligence:Human Consciousness Realized

By Dianne Irene. Recognizing our full potential requires awareness of consciousness. Spiritual Intelligence is a reflection of what humanity is and what we can strive to be. The animated aspects of our existence are the sources of our thought creations which plays into our feelings, emotions, actions and reactions. Understanding our dimensional perspective allows us to understand others and focus on a clear vision for our lives and our personal growth. Science is beginning to understand that the supernatural is natural. Physics, philosophy, NDE, and psychology are explored.

Join this journey of hope and realization about the human spirit and understand what part the physical world plays in our journey to love, grow and learn. Death is not the end and our life has purpose beyond our everyday experiences. Understanding who we are in this reality allows our lives to progress in a positive manner. Empower yourself to be consciously aware. Read More.

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